The rap god was a one-of-one — and a conduit for father-son bonding

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

By the nature of their profession, music stars get elevated.

They’re elevated by the very stage on which they perform, illuminated by bright lights cascading onto them. All of it assists in separating these celebrities from the masses they entertain. It’s as true of hip-hop as any genre — maybe…

Members of the Cepeda family engaged in a “juego”

The island of Puerto Rico is an island of many rhythms. Whether it’s the salsa that cascades from the open windows of pastel-colored houses or the cars that pass with their trunks open and speakers reverberating the heavy bass of dembow, the streets are alive with music. But there is…

The island doesn’t need high-rise residencies; it needs a sustainable future

An wide shot of Puerto Rico’s protected forests as clouds billow overhead and the sea sprawls out in the distance.
Photo: Beau Horyza

A few weeks back, as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I stumbled across an image of a woman in tears. That woman was , an acclaimed Puerto Rican reporter celebrated for her coverage of important issues across the island.

Graulau has tackled topics like

The ‘Bad Trip’ duo talk chemistry, almost dying on set, and the magic of Tiffany Haddish

“Bad Trip.” Photo: Netflix

“First of all, are you safe? It looks like somebody kidnapped you.”

Lil Rel Howery has just beaten me to the punch. Not to be outdone, Eric Andre quickly follows up with, “Blink twice if you’re in a hostage situation.”

We’re about 20 seconds into our conversation and we’re already…

For the longest time, whenever my mother would dream of a baby, she’d call me to talk about my future children. She’d describe in vivid details the child’s mix of features, curly hair, fat cheeks. If she saw a blonde baby she’d ask if I was dating una rubia, or…

Transforming a landfill into an oceanside oasis isn’t easy, but it’s necessary

Against the backdrop of a cloudless blue sky, the sun washes over an enormous dune and the handful of palm trees that stabilize it.
Photos courtesy of the author

As you drive down Puerto Rico’s Route 466, the Spanish-style houses and roadside panaderías start to peel away. The road buckles and plunges toward a white-capped Atlantic. Seaside cliffs rise, and trees stretch gnarled limbs into a semi-canopy.

Driving farther still, you reach the remnants of a dune sea tracing…

Miguel Machado

Miguel is based out of Puerto Rico. When not on an adventure you can find him typing away.

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